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Hey, We❤️ Data and we love how it can help you reach out to press and get that amazing visibility which your brand deserves. Here is a quick play for you to identify key trends of your industry, top reporters and publications. Go ahead, give it a spin!

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Earned Media Authority (EMA)

Earned Media Authority (EMA) is a PR Score developed by Wizikey that helps as a metric to help companies know how successful their PR is. Earned Media Authority is a percentage and is between 0 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater earned media share with respect to competitors.

EMA is calculated by measuring significant mentions of your brand in important publications (by traffic and by interest). This score can be used when comparing PR success with other brands.

News trends over time

Trends timeline to help you analyse how your brand has done amongst its competition.

Top Press in your project

Here is a glimpse of the media who loves and who loves you not. At-least as of now. You can of-course, register to Wizikey and reach out to them.

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Wizikey saves time by bringing relevant brand mentions from news, blogs, podcasts and other mediums in one place. It provides insights to build better awareness. It is built by communications' professionals who struggled with excel sheets, clunky software and decided to solve it themselves.

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