Who Are We?

As former PR professionals who spent countless hours on manual work, we grew frustrated by the lack of solutions built specifically for the unique needs of the industry.

After connecting with hundreds of PR teams, it became clear the answer was an AI-driven platform created by communicators for communicators. So we stepped up to redefine the game as the world's first PR software company founded and run by PR veterans.

Leveraging our insider expertise, we built an intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates the monitoring, measurement, and management capabilities that modern pros desperately require. Our user-friendly product rescues PR teams from needless grunt work so they can regain focus and find their rhythm amidst the chaos.


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Why Wizikey?

Hey, I’m Aakriti - cofounder of Wizikey. Folks ask how this startup with my co-founder, Anshul came to be. It wasn’t some bolt of genius. The real trigger was the constant headaches I had as a PR person.

I started in finance but soon saw a big gap between shiny marketing and the messy real world of communications. I was going nuts hunting for the truth every day.

Enough was enough – time to bridge the gap! The fix seemed obvious looking back – a tool created by communicators for communicators, with baked-in monitoring, measurement and management.

Even our early simple version made waves by changing things for our clients. Bit by bit, Wizikey took shape. Not overnight – but by steadily solving those nagging issues I knew so well.

Now, Wizikey makes good on that mission as the solution I always wanted – a platform designed by pros to make all our lives easier!


Aakriti Bhargava

Co - Founder


Anshul Sushil

Co - Founder


Our Revolutionizing Product

Wizikey is the breakthrough solution for PR & Comms teams. Our intuitive yet robust AI product helps them feel confident and valued. We’re revolutionizing their daily reality by integrating seamless monitoring, measurement, and management. With Wizikey, pros can take charge again and find their rhythm.


Product Promise

Juggling brand reputation, informing stakeholders, and managing crises is exhausting work. PR & Comms pros need better support. That's why we created Wizikey. Our AI-powered product gives them control again by streamlining their daily tasks. With our help monitoring, measuring and managing, pros can breathe easier.


Built by the PR teams for the PR teams

We're committed to simplifying lives. Wizikey gives PR & Comms pros room to breathe again. Our product acts like an operating system to help them monitor mentions, measure campaigns, and manage media with precision and smart automations. The focus stays on what matters most.


AI in the DNA of the product and team

At Wizikey, artificial intelligence is baked into our software's core. By mixing PR experts who know the ropes with high-tech data science, we created a product that works like a pro. It makes routines like tracking mentions, evaluating campaigns, and managing media contacts easy and automatic. Our tool puts the power of smart technology right into PR people's hands with an easy-to-use interface. AI works hard behind the scenes so you can focus on important stuff. With know-how and smarts built in, Wizikey delivers smarter software at its foundation.


On Record

“Wizikey’s insights and trends are Transforming Communications just like performance marketing did for Advertising.”

Sarah Maxwell

Ex-VP of Marketing, Communications, and Expansion at Blockchain.com

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Our Mentors And Investors

Alok Mittal

Founder, Indifi

Ajai Chowdhry

Co-Founder, HCL

Ambarish Raghuvanshi

Ex-CFO, InfoEdge

Sarah Maxwell

Angel Investor

Saumya Meattle

Co-Founder, HCL

Indian Angel Network

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Wizikey saves time by bringing relevant brand mentions from news, blogs, podcasts and other mediums in one place. It provides insights to build better awareness. It is built by communications' professionals who struggled with excel sheets, clunky software and decided to solve it themselves.

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